Rihanna Finds Comfort In Nudity

Rihanna wears a cap with the word “Boy” while catching a flight at LAX Airport on Monday (March 26) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old pop star recently opened up about gaining confidence after she started showing some more skin.

“The more I got naked, the more comfortable I felt. I just had to face my fear. You always find something wrong, you always find something you’re uncomfortable with, and one thing turns into another and you get embarrassed and self-conscious about it,” Rihanna told Britain’s Women’s Fitness.

“After a while, it was like, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ I just started being a little more daring with it,” Rihanna added (via People). “It was just knowing my body … is what it is under clothes or outside of clothes.”


8 Responses to “Rihanna Finds Comfort In Nudity”

  1. I am Luxolo Says:

    I love her to bits ♡

  2. But the blonde hair is a bit too much, for me.. Lol!

  3. Eli Ramz Says:

    Well I gada agree with Lewinsky the long blonde is a bit too much indeed lol…I like it actually I love it short…but she looked hot in brunette hey:)

  4. Smangaliso Khoza Says:

    LOL rihanna doesn’t dress at all anyways.

  5. Queen Of San Tropez Says:

    Hahahahahahahaha Mrs Brown, whats new

  6. Queen Of San Tropez Says:

    Eli youre spot on i mean she looks like a mobwife

  7. DinnyGirl Says:

    Let’s just agree to disagree, she looked hot in short blonde bob and mohawk

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