Winter Doesnt Mean Goth & Boring!!!

Winter is almost here, but remember, winter doesn’t mean boring, give gray, black, brown and all those earthy colours a break and splash your neons on…

If you’re not a risk taker and you like your style a little more laid back, you can always fuse your earthy colours with just one item of neon-colour, for example, all black everything and a shocking yellow man-bag/ tie/ leather/just gloves etc

The old english look is also back by popular demand, cropped sailor pants, lace-ups, crisp white/checked shirt, buttoned royal navy blazers dashed with anything else of your choice, personally I’d dash those with a shocking colourful skinny belt.

SideNote: If you’re too tall NEVER fold your pants and your top/blazer at the same time, try to sacrifice one, or you’d look ridiculous


One Response to “Winter Doesnt Mean Goth & Boring!!!”

  1. Smangaliso Khoza Says:

    Nice work indeed, keep your work up.

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