Ways To Wear the Controversial Trend: Fur!

Nude Furry Shrug

Singer Nicole Scherzinger sports a sexy fitted dress, taking the chill off with a cropped fur shrug of the same color. Accessorizing with a matching bag and shoes, she’s nailed sophistication. The monochromatic look is classy and put-together, and it can be done in black, brown, white, and yes, cream as Scherzinger did it. Steal her look by dressing in one color from head to toe. Sometimes matchy-matchy is sexy-sexy

Dark Chocolate

Actress Madeline Duggan shows us how it’s done in a gorgeous chocolate-colored fur coat layered over a classy black jumpsuit and leopard print belt. Finishing off her look are leopard pumps and a matching clutch. These accessories accent the rich chocolate brown of her fur coat. Rock this look just as Duggan did by staying in a two-tone color palette. Adding a lush fur to match completes the look and elevates it to classy status.

Casually Chic

Model Maryna Linchuk shows us the fur trend can be casual-chic, too. Rockin’ a long, flowing skirt, belted, with sparkly sneakers, she really takes her fur to a whole different level. Linchuk shows that fur is not just for red carpet night. You can rock a fur with a simple outfit like Linchuk did. One fuzzy, soft garment can take you from just casual to chic in seconds.


9 Responses to “Ways To Wear the Controversial Trend: Fur!”

  1. DinnyGirl Says:

    Nicci loox too hot the legs are on point

  2. Stephen Louw Says:

    Are those lace ups Maryna is wearing? Loved her previous showcasing

  3. She’s always on point, love her, @abelizor must see this.

  4. DinnyGirl Says:

    *borrows stephen reading glasses and a magnifying glass* sneakers not lace ups

  5. They’re sneakers Steph, oh I missed the show, sorry. I’m so not on right now! LOL

  6. Stephen Louw Says:

    Lol my bad you two.
    I’ll email you the link for the show.

  7. Nice piece baby though that was Kim though they look a like hey just love your work 🙂

  8. vincent Says:

    This outfit is dull… Don’t know what she was thinking… Just plain and too dark for my liking

  9. @Vinney_Jey, lol the colour of this season is nude.

    @KingLu13th thanks hun, I also thought Nicole was Kim when I viewed the pics.

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