An Upcoming Artist To Look Out For… Emeli Sandé

Meet Scotland-bred, soul singer Emeli Sandé. This singer/songwriter best known for penning songs for artists like Tinie Tempah, Cheryl Cole, Alesha Dixon, Susan Boyle and Leona Lewis. Interestingly Sandé initially set her sights on studying neurology and completing medical school, but surrendered to her talent and pursued a career in music during her final year.

This singer/songwriter’s remarkable talent has been setting the music charts ablaze overseas. Her debut studio album, ‘Our Version of Events’ (which has yet to be released in the US) has won the ears of listeners all over world  in countries like Belgium, Ireland, the UK and of course, Scotland. In fact, her ability to convey relatable messages and paint vivid pictures through song, namely “Next To Me” has won her The Critic’s Choice Award at the 2012 Brit Awards.

In her album’s bonus clip/documentary, Sandé talks about her life and upbringing, her musical influence and shared what she hopes to do accomplish in the music industry:

“The way I hope I stand out is through my lyric. So I think what I can bring is something that is very honest. And I hope I can represent black females as well in the industry. And you know we can create something that is art. It doesn’t have to be sexy all the time. It doesn’t have to be loud all the time. We can be great writers. We can be intelligent with what we do.”

Emeli Sande – “Next To Me”


2 Responses to “An Upcoming Artist To Look Out For… Emeli Sandé”

  1. Stephen Louw Says:

    This woman has the look of rihanna except her voice lol

  2. LOL my point exactly, she has a voice of gold.

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