“Who Rock’d It” #1Edition

In this 1st edition of ‘Who Rock’d It Better’, we have musician/actress Alicia Keys and singer/reality TV star Tamar Braxton wearing the same Christian Louboutin Daffodile Pony Zebra Print Pumps during recent event appearances.

Alicia rock’d hers at the BET Awards earlier this year, while Tamar rock’d hers last week at the Give Back Hollywood Foundation’s benefit for the VH1 Save the Music Foundation.

Who nailed it for you?


4 Responses to ““Who Rock’d It” #1Edition”

  1. Stephen Louw Says:

    Alicia did it 4 me

  2. Momo Mach Says:

    My bo0 alicia keys

  3. DinnyGirl Says:

    They both nailed it to ze T

  4. I agree with Dinny, they nailed the Loubes, Alicia is more edgy and youthful, her outfit is fit for a night look whereas Tamar kept it laid back for a day-to-night look and I think if she throws on a blazer with chunks of ensembles together with bangles, she’s ready for the night.

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