Rihanna works on her 7th album while Chris Brown is working on ‘Sweet Love’

Let’s pray : Rihtard readies her 7th studio album since her career, can you believe?!

Rihanna only released her ‘Talk That Talk’ album in November but she is already planning a followup to the record. In fact, the inescapable Barbadian has started working on the creative direction of her 7th studio album and her team has begun collecting beats for the project.

Although Rihanna has released a new studio album in every year since her debut – with the exception of 2008 – her admission of a 7th record is quite surprising since she has yet to premiere the video for her latest ‘Talk That Talk’ single, ‘Where Have You Been’. Additionally, ‘Talk That Talk’ has thus far sold less than 780K copies.

Read what Rihanna, who is a confessed workaholic, had to say about her new album below:

“I’m definitely thinking about the next record. I’m a multi-tasker so,” Rihanna told Capital FM’s showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes on (29th March). “Right now we’re working on collecting and creating the sound first before we even start working on the lyrical direction or melodies.

“I kind of have an idea though, and it’s very rough right now,” Rihanna teased. “So I’m eager to start that.”

Read more from Capital FM.

Rihanna is a Pop star and annual offerings is not uncommon for such acts but she has released and promoted new material continuously since her debut. When exactly is she supposed to rest and reflect on her life experiences so that she could create a product of actual quality?

We all know what happens to acts when they work continuously without extended pauses – thank you, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey – and the risks of such schedules. Additionally, I don’t know how much more of Rihanna’s ‘singing’ my ears could handle. What do we have to do to end this madness?

Meanwhile Ex boyfriend Chris Brown looks dapper in this ‘Fortune’ promo pic.

Chris Brown only announced that his new R&B single would be ‘Sweet Love’ a short while ago but the song has already been released! The track will appear on the singer’s upcoming ‘Fortune’ album, which will hit stores on May 8th (3 days after his birthday and a day before mine, yes #YouCare.)

The next single hat Brown will soon release from ‘Fortune’ is the Hip-Hop-oriented ‘Till I Die’, which features Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa.

“Why does every recent R&B song by Brown revolve around his sex life? Seriously, does he write his songs with his penis or is it that he has been watching to many World Star Hip Hop videos?” Critics mentioned.

‘Sweet Love’ is a good song but this sex theme is incredibly hackneyed. Brown could have kept this track to himself.


3 Responses to “Rihanna works on her 7th album while Chris Brown is working on ‘Sweet Love’”

  1. Riri needs to chill with her potential homewrecking ways and focus on her career! She has tweeted all the she can (subliminal tweeting and all… what a joke) Chris is not coming back to her! Chris and Karrueche are happy! She needs to move on and find her own happiness and stop pining for a dude that beat her!!

  2. Hahahaha, death by you Tumy, you just killed me there.
    I think Rihanna is going to lose fans drastically if she gets back with Chris, I mean what kind of a figure would she be since she has young women as her fan base?

  3. Exactly suave … she must buckle down and focus on her hustle!!

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