“Up-Close & Personal with Rich Fumani Mnisi, SA’s upcoming young designer”

“Realising how much of an asset you are without being big headed makes you confident and it’s easier to execute your work professionally and accurately”

TouchOfSuave: Thank you for allowing us to interview you, can you briefly tell us who is Rich Mnisi?

Rich Mnisi: Rich Mnisi is… A Lil’ Mannequin stuck in his own world, owned by his ruler Mannequinulated. He has 5 alter-ego’s and they all make up the balances of his brain…

TOF: Where did you grow up and how has that made an impact in your line of

RM: I was born in Kempton Park and being an outcast all my life, I’d occasionally try fitting in. Which lead me rejecting the world and it’s evils and paved my on path, where fiction was my reality and reality was my fiction. This gave birth to Mannequinule, the 10th planet in the universe… Where all my creativity is generated from.

TOS: How long have you been in the industry?

RM: In my head, since the 9th of October 2009 and officially on the 7th of February 2011, which is a year and a month…

TOS: What drives you?

RM: My people (my alter-ego’s), literature, and bad clothing.

TOS: Have you worked with any top names in the industry?

RM: I’ve worked for/interned for Dineo Ranaka, David Tlale, Abigail Betz and Ozwald Boateng.

TOS: How was the experience?

RM: More up’s than down’s but certainly beneficial… Not only did it benefit me in terms of honing my skills but I gained confidence in myself, I grew a backbone and realised my worth… Realising how much of an asset you are without being big headed makes you confident and its easier to execute your work professionally and accurately

TOS: Do you have a muse?

RM: I’m planning on having one, Lee che…

TOS: Any fashion rules you abide by?

RM: The last one… Don’t be afraid to break the rules

TOS: Where do you see yourself in the future?

RM: Growing…there’s no level of success beyond expansion…

TOS: Do you have any favourite designers or those you would love to join forces with?

RM: Aww my Best Friend in the whole wide world!!!!!! The love of my present and after life, Tzvi Karp (Who showcased at SA Fashion Week 2012). I think I met him before this life, that’s why I love him so much and his creativity is beyond realism and human mental capacities… LISOF has given us so so much and I just feel abundantly blessed to bo enrolled at that school… That’s where I met my Tzvi 😀
What’s your take on fashion in SA? Its growing, slowly but surely, great young designers such as Tzvi Karp are coming into the scene and starting a stir… Its interesting, filled with opportunities and fulfilling.

TOS: You were one of the designers at Luv DR, what happened?

RM: Conceptualizer, not designer and well I still am, or well I recently got back on board… I first quit because of how fast paced the company was growing versus my studies, I thought I could handle both but I had to compromise one… The pressure lead to misunderstandings, shorted working hours and so forth which obviously created minor conflict.

TOS: Are you working on anything yet?

RM: I have a meeting with Dineo Ranaka soon, we have big plans for this year and its fun ’cause she’s planning to merge 2 industries… Other than that I’m finally kick starting my modelling career, I’m tired of people nagging me.

TOS: What’s in this year and what should be out?

RM: I hardly follow trends unless its for an assignment, I believe in opposing the expected

TOS: Where does your main focus lie, with men’s or women’s wear?

RM: Obviously there’s a lot to do with women’s wear, so women’s wear dominates, unless you want to do unisex clothing which I don’t intend on doing so 80% women’s wear, 20% men’s wear.

TOS: Do you think this industry is fit for a young man your age?

RM: Anyone is fit for this industry, it’s your creative juices that are weighed.

TOS: Who’s the worst designer?

RM: I think everyone is good in their own way.

TOS: Any fashion tips?

RM: Be yourself…

TOS: What has been the worst time in your career?

RM: Blooming of my career versus my grades

TOS: What epitomizes sexy style?

RM: Go big or go home, more is more!!!!

TOS: Any advice for fashion lovers on a budget?

RM: Mix-and-Match: visit Dunusa down town, Mr Price, Pep, Jet, Edgars etc etc the list is endless… Hostiles are best for vintage lovers

TOS: What’s the best way to pair a cheap item with something pricey – without looking unkempt?

RM: Like interiors have a center piece, which in this case being the “pricey” piece meets basic items (vests, jeans, blazers) in plains, that instantly gets overpowered ’cause they have no significance.

TouchOfSuave: Thank you so much for letting us in…

Rich Mnisi: It’s all in the name of Fashion


4 Responses to ““Up-Close & Personal with Rich Fumani Mnisi, SA’s upcoming young designer””

  1. Smangaliso Khoza Says:

    All the best to you Richy. Make us proud

  2. You said it Khoza!

  3. Rich Mnisi is not only a brilliant model but a phenomenal designer! His work is cheek and elegant drawing attention to a variety of fashion lovers on all scales! I love it!

  4. Tumy-Ash Says:

    Guys amazing, all the best for him… I also want to go to fashion now

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