The Death Of Music

Gone are the days were talent was the “biggest” aspect of making it in the music industry most would say that authentic talent has vanished with the passing of the Micheal Jacksons of music. Welcome to our generation known as the digital generation where image is more celebrated than talent were the Rihanna’s and the Nicki Minaj’s prove that you only require looks and hard work to make it in the industry, where talent shows have turned into nothing but “ratings obsessed” and money making schemes..sad generation indeed, a world were singing about sex will literally guarantee you a ‘hit’, an industry were auto tone and lip-syncing is seen as a norm. One would ask…what happened to the Whitney Houstons, where one would sell a record out of nothing but talent,we live in a world where youngsters are the biggest music buyers were digital sales outshine the physical “modern world indeed” Grammy’s???well those have turned into nothing but a popularity contest, where the “powerful” bribe their way to the top. Well there’s still hope all thanks to the young British Adele who’s soulful voice has led her to have one of the biggest selling records of all time ’21’ a musician who not only sings but also write her own music! A world were the stage presence that Beyonce has is rare as rain in winter. Yes image is everything but please have something to back it up with i.e Lady Gaga, thanks to the Micheal Bubles the Jill Scotts, the late Amy Winehouses that hope is still there, is it rightful for one to label the U.K the hope for music due to all the greats it has produced in the past decade??or the U.S with all the legends it has produced overtime or simply African ‘the origin’ of sound, a day and age where soul and Rnb is considered “dead” I would say the youth of this generation is growing up with the worst type of music…here’s to one day were singers will be singers…….with a TouchOfSauve….

Source: King Phiwe


2 Responses to “The Death Of Music”

  1. True,sad I prefer the 80s and 90s music

  2. I personally listen to every genre, but techno and the new trend is just too much for me.

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