Beyonce Schools Life

Beyonce was spotted leaving her NYC apartment with her baby, Blue Ivy, recently.

*Paps caught Beyonce leaving an alternative education school in New York on Wednesday, sparking buzz that the singer may be trying to continue her education.

The new mom was spotted entering the West 35th Street Alternative Education Complex with a laptop.

Bey reportedly left high school at age 14 to pursue her career, and although she received tutoring, it is not known if she ever received her high school diploma. The facility she visited offers GED tests.

Beyonce, who grew up in Houston, has previously said she felt she missed out on some of her teenage years because she left school so early.

”Socially I did miss out. I left school at 14 and had a tutor,” she said. “I was never exposed to people long enough to make friends so my family became my friends.”

Its looks like the “Schooling Life” singer might just be realising that a life after giving birth needs a “degree”. Now that’s schooling!

Mama Bee getting Schooled!


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