Riri vs Rita

 Well well well, seems like the #RihannaNavy has jumped the gun, again, a bit too soon this time around, here we have Rita Ora, 21, rocking the ‘PEACE’ top in 2011, Rihanna only wore it this year, yet the #RihannaNavy is accusing Rita for raining on their talentless ‘Queens’ parade, really?

I strongly suggest the navy to go take a quick drown at the Barbados ‘dam’ cos  Rihanna also cloned Beyonce when she made her debut in the industry, mmh, isn’t karma just a bitch?

So I kinda don’t know what the navy is talking about cos Rita has made it public that her fashion sense is inspired by Gwen Stefani and the ever iconic Miss Marilyn Monroe. Who looks upto Rihanna anyway? If there are people who look up to her like the 100 TIMES most influential people have stated, then we are really a lost generation indeed, which lives has Rihanna touched? oh well, I didn’t think so, anyhoo that’s a story for another day….

#ThatsWhyYouMad ——->>>>>>>>


One Response to “Riri vs Rita”

  1. LMFAO…. I totally agree. And let’s not forget that Rita has talent to back it up.

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