Kim Kardashian Launches Her First Luxe Scent, True Reflection

Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian is launching new reflection her first signature scent, Kardashian’s fourth fragrance since 2009 and the first to solely target luxe distribution. reports the signature fragrance will roll out to all Lord & Taylor doors by June but will officially launch at the retailer’s Manhattan flagship on Fifth Avenue in the fall.

“True Reflection is something that Kim wanted to do to reflect on her experiences in life, what she’s gone through in the last six to 12 months, which has her thinking and reflecting on the changes in her life,” said Lighthouse Beauty chief executive officer Philip Zellner. “Lord & Taylor is the most upscale marketplace that we’ve taken any of her fragrances to. We are reaching a more mature audience who we believe can really share in Kim’s experiences in reflecting on what she’s gone through.”

Kardashian’s audience is so broad that Zellner has devised a two-tier distribution strategy for her fragrance franchise. While her initial fragrance originally entered Sephora, Kardashian fragrances have migrated into the mass market at retailers such as Walgreens, Target and Wal-Mart. The objective for True Reflection is to establish a foothold for Kardashian fragrances at the prestige end of the market. Because its distribution will be limited as a result, the fragrance has been estimated by sources to generate $10 million in sales this year, a fraction of what the other fragrances register at mass retail.

“I definitely think I’m in a reflective period in my life, probably more so than any other period,” said Kardashian. Even after her nast public divorce (which is still in progress) a flour bombing incident for animal cruelty and her latest public relationship with Kanye West, fans still love and adore her. Ultimately is the fan who will decide to make the purchase not the media.

Do you think Kim’s new fragrance will sell out in the high end market area? Send us a tweet @TouchOfSuave we want to hear from you


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