Best Cover Songs Of All Time & The Death Of Musical Talent

Artists frequently cover each other’s songs but very rarely do these updated versions become classics in their own right. However, as you will see in today’s post, where occasions were cover songs match or even outshine the original compositions.

Naturally, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey are both ranked among the artists with classic cover songs. Yet, there might be a very surprise hits on this list that will take you on a trip down memory lane and even surprise you that they are covers. Here they are below:

‘Without You’
Original : Badfinger
Cover : Mariah Carey

‘He Loves Me’
Original : Jill Scott
Cover : Beyonce

‘Sex Is On Fire’
Original : Kings Of Leon
Cover : Beyonce

‘At Last’
Original : Etta James
Cover : Beyonce

‘Proud Mary’
Original : Creedence Clearwater Revival
Cover : Ike & Tina Turner

‘I Will Always Love You’
Original : Dolly Parton
Cover : Whitney Houston

‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’
Original : Jennifer Holliday
Cover : Jennifer Hudson

‘This Woman’s Work’
Original : Kate Bush
Cover : Maxwell

‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’
Original : Marvin Gaye & Tami Terrell
Cover : Diana Ross

The key to crafting a solid cover is to bring something fresh to the arrangement and make it your own. Many artists simply perform basic karaoke and fall flat when compared to their predecessors, yes Rihanna for instance. That’s why so many of the popular television talent show contestants fail to have successful careers after their series’ have ended – they are just good singers and not true artists. Only Kelly Clarkson is still a force to be reckoned with till now and still reigns.

Is there anybody missing from this list of best original and cover songs?


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