H.O.T.S Hot Off The Street

1. Here we have Phiwe rocking up in a black military inspired waistcoat and black skin tight jeans, paired with matching dropneck, plimsoles and a man bag. His look was finished off by bold aviators and a short silver pendant.

2. Then there was Thabiso in maroon matching chinos and ankle boots, paired with a thin brown leather belt, a crisp white t-shirt, accessorised with a black rosary and thrown on a grey blazer for that (Touch Of Suave) sophisticated look.

3. Another trendy Thabyso with a ‘y’, has his red chinos matched with red slip-ons, a checked shirt which complements the colour of his blazer and pants to shoes. This look is perfect for any occasion. (Black skinny tie is optional)

4. Something for the ladies, (and some gentlemen) here’s Lara in a floor length nude-peach skirt, a black blouse, and orange blazer which has a silk leopard lining from the folding, which here matches her belt and bangle for a for a bold statement, ladies, lipstick red plush wedges are like nude shoes, every girl should own a pair.

5. Miss Tilly is rocking a floral fish tail skirt, with a crisp white vest tucked in, accesorised with a long pendant together a fuse of neon pink neck piece which goes with the colour of her summery flops. Oh, don’t you dare step out of that door without a beige straw hat yellow bones (dark skinned girls should keep the colour with a lower hue eg dark purple, burgandy, brown etc)

Spring Has Sprung Boys & Girls

Your Thoughts?


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