Men’s Winter Trends

Winter is upon us yet again and boy oh boy do we have some global cooling ahead of us, but you needn’t worry at all cos we have some very sophisticated looks to steam up your wardrobe whether it’s work, play or out on the town with that gorgeous lady (or guy, for others) you will look stylish and suave.I believe this winter we need to break the boundaries of fashion and style, the focal point here is LAYERING, yes, wearing more than just a shirt and blazer.

Layering to me is when you wear two different shirts, preferably a cotton shirt with a jean shirt unbuttoned at the neck, collars popped on to the other (preferably your desired shirt inside and the denim on top) then a cardigan, above it all pair them with a gorgeous earthy colour blazer…..and a trench coat. You can pair this look with a pair of blue denims, a thin woven belt and colorful shoes that you fancy.

Don’t be afraid to fuse your look with men-bags, preferably floral to loosen up the formality of your look OR you can make a bold statement with leather, plush (suede) and other materials.


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