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3 Ways To Rock Denim Wear with @ThabyLed

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Oh yes denims like scotch will never cease to reach a halt, so here we have compiled 3-way looks for the gentlemen with suave to take a hint on how to look awesome without looking like they’ve tried too hard.

Look 1 : Simple Day-wear

Well gents this look is plain simple and breezy, it’s for those days out with friends during the day. Get a short sleeved denim shirt (fold the sleeves) and wear a WHITE tshirt or vests, pair them with a different shade of denims and leather sailor shoes. You’re good for the day.

Look 2 : Formal Work Wear

Yet again get yourself some luxurious thick cotton checked shirts, pair them with earthy coloured skinny denims, break the look with brown leather shoes and belt, finish the look with a different low-key (grey specifically) blazer then it’s off to work and drop the blazer for the night out after work.

Look 3 : Street Suave

Looking suave is easy, really, this punk rock and Texas (cowboy) look hails from a long while ago, find yourself some washed-out denim shirts, pair them with skinny denim pants, put your plush brown shoes on and unbutton that shirt to shed some skin, an accessory for your neck like a rosary (whether Christian or not) is essential. Rock a punk belt then you’re game.

Model : Thabiso Ledwaba

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Men + Style = Misconception

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Style is not dressing up

Excuses, we all have them.
And when it comes to men and style we’ve heard it all, but one that deserves a special mention is the old ‘I don’t like dressing up’

Many men have a misconception that looking good means wearing a suit and tie every single day and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A very important aspect of style is looking good for every occasion. So even if you’re never have to wear a suit (and should) dress with style, from your work attire to your relaxed weekends.

Look For The Day: Suits And Ties

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Whatever you call it; dandy, metrosexual, boulevardier, or retrosexual, it all comes down to how you take care of yourself. Don’t be afraid to look good. You are the product of a billion-process evolutionary success: act like it.

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Sophisticated Makeup Tips 101

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1st. Apply eye makeup primer on your lids up to your brow. You may also use a light coat of foundation. Then, curl your lashes – this is a slight shift on the norm. Curling your eyelashes before putting on eye shadow helps prevent smudging especially because you will be using a liquid eye liner.

2nd. Pull your lid gently upward to expose the inner rim of your eyelid. Then, Using a black eyebrow pencil, draw a line on the inner rim of your upper eyelid. See illustration below.

1 Step 2

3rd. Draw a line on the outer rim of your upper lid using the same eyebrow pencil. Be sure to line the skin directly above the upper lash line. Then, blend in the black liner to the color of the skin by using an angled brush. No need to worry about shaky hands and un-straight lines! See illustration below.

2 Step

4th. Using a liquid liner this time, draw 4 dashes on your lid right above the pencil line and connect them. The idea of combining a pencil with a liquid liner is to get a more lasting result. The pencil locks the liquid in place.

5th. Now, for the tricky part of the cat eye process! Using a finger, trace the crease on your upper lid and moving outward until you reach the bony area. Place a tiny dot on that area to mark the spot. See illustration below.

3 Step 5

6th. Using the liquid liner again, drag the tip starting from the dot down to the outer corner of your eye. Thicken the line so that it looks seamless. See illustration below.

4 Step 6

7th. Allow the liquid liner to dry and set for several minutes. As soon as this is done, apply a cream eye shadow in a neutral color on your entire lid. For highlight, dab some shimmer using a metallic eye shadow on the area just above your crease line and at the inner corner. Finish off with a coat of mascara! See illustration below.

5 Step 7

The cat eye is a technique that will get easier with practice and like everything else, practice makes perfect! It’s also a look that will fit all types of eyes and face shapes. Try on some cat eye makeup today!

Illustrations courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Light Packing For The Durban July Weekend

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So Durban July is upon us once again and the thing with it that can be so strenuous is one, PACKING, a gentleman’s worst nightmare. Packing light so that everything will fit into a carry-on beach bag is a skill not everybody can get the hang of because people tend to over pack. But travelling light is a no-brainer. Yes, it can be done, especially when it’s a beach trip and especially being a man – it spares you from the pressure that makes most women bring their entire wardrobe.

Here’s how you can pack lightly without breaking a sweat…

First, consider the weight and size of the bag itself. Leave behind bag with wheels because they weigh extra pounds more. Just opt for the light one which has enough pockets and compartments to help keep you organized.

You need not pack that much. Determine what and how much stuff you really need to take with you to the beach. Think about what you’ll be doing and needing on your trip day by day. A helpful way is to make a list of the things you would like to bring. Ask yourself if you really will use each item.  As you write what you really need, you will realize what you don’t need. Then try to strip away those that are not necessary. This ensures that nothing essential is overlooked and nothing unnecessary is packed.

A beach trip needs far less clothes than what is in your list.  It’s all about choosing the right clothing pieces to fit the needs of your trip. Choose the right clothes that correspond to the weather. Pack enough clothing to stay cool. The lighter clothing you have, the better. Of course, get rid of the pants and just wear shorts and take more short-sleeve or sleeveless tops. Avoid clothing that weighs more and choose the quick-drying one.

For footwear, leave those bulky shoes at home and bring slippers or sandals. Waterproof, plastic or rubber ones are best. They are lighter and less bulky.

Also, don’t forget to pack other essentials needed for your beach vacation. When heading out into the sunshine, give your skin extra protection by using sunscreen; and sunglasses and hats to protect your face from harmful rays. You can’t afford to leave these items

Style Quote Of The Day

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Sihle Dlamini, Rising Star.

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I had the pleasure to interview one of the most talented uprising stars to ever hit the face of Mzansi, his voice so smooth it’ll melt hearts, his style too suave you won’t resist and his heart, humble as a pie. Here’s how it went with @sihle_dlamini ~ By @ThabyLed

Thabiso: First and foremost who is Sihle Dlamini?
Sihle: Sihle is a hardworker and a spiritual being. Former Mayor of the Johannesburg Junior council & Chairperson of Okwethu Youth Organisation, but above all a young man and an upcoming artist who’s to take SA by storm musically to say but a few.

Thabiso: How long have you been in the music industry?
Sihle: I’ve been in the music industry since 2010. My friend Lebo introduced me to the legendary producer DOME, he was the 1st producer I ever worked with. From there I just continued to imrpove my sound.

Thabiso: So we hear you’re also in theater?
Sihle: Oh yeah! I’m a performer. Music is my first love but I’m not limited to music. God gave me the ability to express myself through the arts. I’ve been acting all year in a production called Chapter Untitled. The production has allowed me to further find truth in my art. I can say I’m a better performer now because of Chapter Untitled.I’m also a dancer, currently taking afrofusion & contemporary dance classes.

Thabiso: Explain to us what do you love most about being in the arts?
Sihle: As artists, we have the God given ability to express pain creatively. We can use our performances as a therapeutic mechanism and the power our craft has to motivate others is Godly.

Thabiso: Who inspires you to get going?
Sihle: My mother. I know loyalty because of her. My mother does everything she can to make life better for me. She inspires me to work hard so I can make life better for her, you know I have to return the favor.I’m also inspired by Thabo Mbeki. This is a man that played an integral role in running the country even before democracy. I’m also inspired by Russell Simmons, he is a very successful business man that is very spiritually inclined. That’s combination inspires me.I would like to have them all over for dinner some day hehehehehehe

Thabiso: Explain your image to us..
Sihle: I’m a performer, entrepreneur & philanthropist.As a performer I am able to serve as a vessel, bringing to life social issues.As an entrepreneur I am able to use my expert skills to package & sell my service.As a philanthropist I am able to invest my time in contributing to addressing the social issues ie, raising funds for the arts

Thabiso: How would you describe yourself in 5 words/lines?
Sihle: “An optimist that’s constantly evolving.”

Thabiso: What’s your take on SA music industry?
Sihle: The South African music industry continues to strive with our democracy. I remember in the 90’s when the kwaito & gospel industries really blossomed, listening to Mashampline(sp), Mdu, Trompies etc. It was a new era.Recently we have seen house music grow,(SA is the hub of house music globally)We are a diverse nation and there is room for good music. Right now the market is booming for live shows. We gotta work!

Thabiso: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Sihle: Stronger, Wiser & older. And richer Hehehehehe. I want to have created a voice that crosses beyond the boundaries of entertainment. I want to be inspiring people on a larger scale, internationally. I will be doing my second degree (still undecided between LLB&Economics)Spiritually I will be calmer, happier and more at peace.

Thabiso: Where do you draw your musical inspiration from?
Sihle: Firstly from within. I am learning on trusting my instinct more when I’m in studio or jamming with my friends. In that way I can always find truth in my work. Secondly I’m inspired by different kinds of music. From soul to hip hop.

Thabiso: How do you balance music and theatre?
Sihle: Its a lot of hard work & I love working hard;)I have had to make a lot of sacrifices. I basically do not have a social life. I’m constantly juggling my time between studios. It’s sad because I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like with family. And I’m also aware that its going to get even more demanding once I start doing live shows. But hey, I got to do what I gotta do.

Thabiso: What did you study and does it have any influence in your artistry?
Sihle: I’m studying a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing with the Institute of Marketing Management(IMM) Graduate School of Marketing. It’s helping me a lot because not only do I view my brand from an artistic perspective, I also see my brand as a business model.

Thabiso: When are you releasing a debut album/single?
Sihle: I’m in studio at the moment working on my extended play(e.p). I just want to respect that process, not rush it. But expect a late 2013 release. Maybe you should review the ep at the listening session? (@ThabyLed: wouldn’t I just be honoured *laughing*)

Thabiso: What can we expect to hear from your music?
Sihle: A soulful representation of the complexities we put ourselves through when we choose to love.We have flaws & insecurities & I’m expressing it all in studio.

Thabiso: Who did you work with on your single/EP?
Sihle: Capris(ICUMusic) on my promo single “I’m In Love With You” Dotcom featured on the remix Zewande Bhengu directed my music video

Thabiso: Message to the youth?
Sihle: Its great to ‘live’ but its even better to have a goal and to focusing on goal that will make you a better person.

Thabiso: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about the industry?
Sihle: If you are not going to see yourself as a business model you will forever blame others for being too business oriented when dealing with you.

Thabiso: What do you hope to achieve with your music?
Sihle: I want my music to be a truthful representation of what I feel. Most of the time artists have the pressure to release commercially friendly singles. I want to release music that is not just about the vocal arrangements but about the feeling behind the arrangements.

Thabiso: Any future collaborations?
Sihle: Yes!! Musically I’m working on something with my favorite singer, Lesedi Dipheko. We’re still speaking about it, having some great conversations…In terms of theatre I would like to work on a physical theatre peace. Still in the pipeline.

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•Promo single “I’m In Love With You”

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