Sophisticated Makeup Tips 101

1st. Apply eye makeup primer on your lids up to your brow. You may also use a light coat of foundation. Then, curl your lashes – this is a slight shift on the norm. Curling your eyelashes before putting on eye shadow helps prevent smudging especially because you will be using a liquid eye liner.

2nd. Pull your lid gently upward to expose the inner rim of your eyelid. Then, Using a black eyebrow pencil, draw a line on the inner rim of your upper eyelid. See illustration below.

1 Step 2

3rd. Draw a line on the outer rim of your upper lid using the same eyebrow pencil. Be sure to line the skin directly above the upper lash line. Then, blend in the black liner to the color of the skin by using an angled brush. No need to worry about shaky hands and un-straight lines! See illustration below.

2 Step

4th. Using a liquid liner this time, draw 4 dashes on your lid right above the pencil line and connect them. The idea of combining a pencil with a liquid liner is to get a more lasting result. The pencil locks the liquid in place.

5th. Now, for the tricky part of the cat eye process! Using a finger, trace the crease on your upper lid and moving outward until you reach the bony area. Place a tiny dot on that area to mark the spot. See illustration below.

3 Step 5

6th. Using the liquid liner again, drag the tip starting from the dot down to the outer corner of your eye. Thicken the line so that it looks seamless. See illustration below.

4 Step 6

7th. Allow the liquid liner to dry and set for several minutes. As soon as this is done, apply a cream eye shadow in a neutral color on your entire lid. For highlight, dab some shimmer using a metallic eye shadow on the area just above your crease line and at the inner corner. Finish off with a coat of mascara! See illustration below.

5 Step 7

The cat eye is a technique that will get easier with practice and like everything else, practice makes perfect! It’s also a look that will fit all types of eyes and face shapes. Try on some cat eye makeup today!

Illustrations courtesy of Cosmopolitan


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