3 Ways To Rock Denim Wear with @ThabyLed

Oh yes denims like scotch will never cease to reach a halt, so here we have compiled 3-way looks for the gentlemen with suave to take a hint on how to look awesome without looking like they’ve tried too hard.

Look 1 : Simple Day-wear

Well gents this look is plain simple and breezy, it’s for those days out with friends during the day. Get a short sleeved denim shirt (fold the sleeves) and wear a WHITE tshirt or vests, pair them with a different shade of denims and leather sailor shoes. You’re good for the day.

Look 2 : Formal Work Wear

Yet again get yourself some luxurious thick cotton checked shirts, pair them with earthy coloured skinny denims, break the look with brown leather shoes and belt, finish the look with a different low-key (grey specifically) blazer then it’s off to work and drop the blazer for the night out after work.

Look 3 : Street Suave

Looking suave is easy, really, this punk rock and Texas (cowboy) look hails from a long while ago, find yourself some washed-out denim shirts, pair them with skinny denim pants, put your plush brown shoes on and unbutton that shirt to shed some skin, an accessory for your neck like a rosary (whether Christian or not) is essential. Rock a punk belt then you’re game.

Model : Thabiso Ledwaba

Share your thoughts…. @_Touchofsuave

Twitter: @ThabyLed
Instagram : @ThabyLed
FB : http://facebook.com/thabiso.ledwaba
Tumblr : http://thabyled.tumblr.com


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