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Sexiest Woman Of The Month @Lalla_Hirayama

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Only three words drop off my hat at the mention of Lalla Hirayama’s name; “Hot, Regal & Timeless”. She’s one beauty who looks completely sexy from baggy jeans to avant garde, the runway to sexy magazine spreads, sneakers to stilletos, it’s undeniable she’d make a potato sack look like a Tlale Creation.

One thing that sets her apart from the rest of the women in the entertainment industry is how humble she is, you won’t find her in scandals, twars (Twitter feuds) or anything of that nature, her poise is just an extra which makes her the most gorgeous woman to ever hit the face of the earth.

The 25 year beauty has enticed us with her moves on Strictly Come Dancing #Season6 and we’re yet hoping she will win this competition, and I for one have been voting like SMSing is going out of style, I’m a fan. So, what you can do is catch her tonight on SABC3 at 8pm-22pm for the finale and vote for her and her partner Grant Esterhuizen by SMSing SCD3 to 34024. Sms costs R1,50 per sms and you can vote as many times as you like. Go Team #‎TeamGralla

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Thabiso J Ledwaba

Quote Of The Day

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Style Quote Of The Day

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The Love Of Leather Gloves with @DJZinhle & @MyNameIsCryke

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Can we take a moment of silence for these black leather gloves?!

* * s i g h * *

Ladies, and some gents, you can also get yourself a pair of these chic gloves at Woolworths at only R160, available in black, maroon, navy blue and whichever colour you desire. The thing about gloves is that they can elevate any look to the next level, I mean look at @DJZinhle, don’t you just die for that look?! I know you do.

We Love Beyonce’s Revel Outfits

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Gay Men Dos and Donts, Raw & Unedited

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So I haven’t spoken to Masi in a long while, I woke up sick and about to give up on life, the flue and fashion, wondering what I’m going to wear to the doctor today…there came Masi *death*


What happened to being stylish, wearing the right gear for the right occasion, what happened to decency?Why are gays dressing trashy now @ThabyLed:
I dare you the bank balances aren’t too friendly at the moment, it’s winter and trench coats aren’t the usual R120 Mr Price skinny jeans. Lmao, good question though. @Masi_Tee:
Exactly. And besides that. Like a lot of gay abuse the 2cm shorts hey. Those are meant for holiday resorts, pool parties, boat cruises etc. Not for clubs or the malls @ThabyLed:
And they tend to forget we all aren’t lean enough for shorts, yes they may look brilliant on super skinny girls but when they’re on a super skinny MALE, damn, you’d swear they’re super-dried biltong. @Masi_Tee:
Exactly. And babe gays need to know the difference between EVERYDAY clothing and special OCCASSION clothing. What they’re doing basically. Is like you waking up and rocking a 3piece suit, cufflinks, waistcoats and ties and all and go to the nearest supermarket and buy bread, and go visit friends in that suit and party in it. See my point? @ThabyLed:
My point EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After you did your photo shoot I showed those pics to my friend. And we both agreed on something. There’s nothing as refreshing as seeing a gay guy looking stylish and DECENT. Be gay yes, and be over imaginative but always look DECENT. And in that way, straight guys will wanna be like you and actually appreciate YOU as a person. Because you’re not looking like a 2nd hand g-string @ThabyLed:
I’ve seen people rocking up in night-time clothing for cocktail parties held on broad daylights, thing is they wanna outdo girls and that’s highly impossible. I mean girls are lean, smooth and their genes are nothing like ours, why friggin COMPETE? @ThabyLed:
Death by second hand g-string… You’re on point about that, I’ve seen your dress sense as well, it’s not that we want to be ‘liked’ by straight men or anything, but you really can’t expect to be dressed in girl’s clothing and expect for people to not outcast you. I have a lot of straight male friends who know exactly who I am, my family knows, the community knows, but I do not rub it in their faces by trading vests for tank tops, shirts for skirts, no, I AM STILL A MAN!!!!!!!! @ThabyLed:
I blame the Bonang’s and Rihanna’s for making trash look fab and misleading their fag-base @ThabyLed
Oops I meant FAN
Then followed fags with ‘a touch’ of their own to those outfits, yet again trying to ‘outdo’ the actual girls. @Masi_Tee:
Exactly my babe. Look at Chuck Bass for example. He rocks ‘slut shorts’ like nobody’s business but in the right manner. The only time I wear a bright colored Golfer tee is when I’m wearing short shorts, and I’ll put on a nice pair of shades, and cool boat shoes, and I’ll be at a summer house party somewhere sipping cocktails with my girls and enjoying life, and that to me is GAY FABOLOUSity. And the moment they say “let’s go out” I jump in go look decent for the public. I mean if I can afford two good outfits in one night, why not @Masi_Tee:
I also blame YDE =))
See? That’s what living fabulous is all about, and yet again it’s not a matter of affording babe, if you understand ‘STYLE’ and don’t follow ‘FASHION’ it’ll forever be in you to keep up with looking good at a low cost. If I can’t afford the latest trendy boots why buy them? Instead I can settle for the loafers or rather lace-ups that I rock mercilessly! Thabiso seeing Masi in a blazer and shorts doesn’t mean it’s gonna be a good look for Thabiso either. Cloning is another factor in this. @Masi_Tee:
YES that’s so true ke hey and one thing about me, I don’t buy price or trends. And my typa affordability doesn’t mean 5000 shoes NO. And manyani people must rather go for what suits them. And everytime I see a group of gays, I never see the difference between them and a group of girls wearing leopard print dresses because they’re all copy cats. And we both know how unattractive though leopard print girls are. @ThabyLed:
It’s sad really, I mean look at Chuck Bass and Kanye West, top notch. @Masi_Tee:
Exactly. And then there’s vintage -_____-. Hayi people are doing it wrong nje. And its sad @ThabyLed:
Same shit they did with colour-blocking? I mean the whole concept of it was a total mess… X_X my dear Lord! @Masi_Tee:
Duuuuuuude. Mess yomhlaba. =)) a lot of people in SA messed it up hey @ThabyLed:
How do you mix colours of different pellets? 😦 why didn’t they just research

P.S: Tomorrow we tackle well groomed men.

-Touch Of Suave

BREAKING NEWS: Beyonce Knocked Up With Baby #2

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Check this video out..